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  • Do you ship products?
    We currently do not ship any of our products and only sell locally.
  • How do I shop at Toad Hollow Nursery?
    You're in luck...there are many ways! At the Greenway Station Farmers Market May-October! On our website! At onsite plant sales throughout the year (check events page and Facebook page for upcoming events!) Check out the "Madison WI Houseplants Sell and Trade" Facebook group as we sometimes do plant purges there! Doundrins Distilling "Budget Friendly" and "Rare Plants" sales in Cottage Grove, WI! At local artisan and craft fairs (check events page and Facebook page for upcoming events!)
  • What types of plants do you sell?
    We sell a little bit of everything! :) We also welcome requests and special orders. Seedling starts are available April-June, perennials April-October and houseplants year round. Non-live products are available year round.
  • What do you use to fertilize your plants?
    This is a loaded question in the plant world! We are always trying something new, but in general we use milorganite, a 10-10-10 product, or animal compost (from onsite!) on our outdoor plants. For indoors, we commonly use Fox Farm products and specialized african violet and orchid fertilizers. Many of our cuttings are grown in fish aquariums using natural fish fertilizer!
  • How do you treat pests on plants?
    As we all know pests are a natural part of growing plants! Here at Toad Hollow we only use organic pesticides such as neem oil, isopropyl alcohol, spinosad products and insecticidal soap. We also use beneficial insect predators as a natural way of outcompeting unwanted plant pests! If untreatable pests (ex: hosta virus) are found on perennials nursery stock is destroyed.
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