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Potting Services 

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Have plants that have...

  • Outgrown their pots??

  • Need different soil or substrate type??

  • Don't know which substrate to pot your plants into??


Let us help you!  Did you know all plants don't do well in the same soil?  We have expertise in which substrate your plants will thrive in.   General pricing  below.  Contact us for a quote today.   Then, just drop off your plants and get a call when they are in their new pots and ready to go home!

$1 per inch of pot diameter  (ex: 6 inch pot upgrade to 8 inch pot = $8)

We use blends of compost, bark, coir, perlite, charcoal and clay.  We mix some ourselves and use other high quality brands such as Fox Farm, Black Gold and Bruce Company.

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